Arizona Balloon Buster Frank Luke

Frank Luke is my favorite World War I ace. He was he was loner piliot, not very well liked by his peers. He would fly off by him self all the time and shoot down Germans. He learned that the Germans paid over 100,000 bucks for each blimp so he loved to shoot them down. His one friend got killed in the war and he got a bit mad about that. Frank attacked a blimp that was defended by 5 german planes so he took them all on. He was shot up pretty bad and had to crash land in a French town. He thought it was still held by the French but turns out the Germans were there. He crashed in a cemetary and was surronded by German infantry. They asked him to surrender. His answer was to climb out of his plan and shoot as many guys as he could with his pistol. Now you got to love a guy like this. He was not about to give up. Later I will write a better story and include some links to sites where guys put a lot more effort into his history.